Billet runner tunnel ram V8 $3750 ** see note
Billet Runner Blower Manifold $4300 ** see note
Removable top plate $380
Bosch Injector Bungs $40 each fitted
Nitrous Bungs or 1/8th Taper thread for inj nozzles $260
Machine for Burst panel $195
Burst panel $250
Burst Plate $180
Water cross over Subject to Application
Distributor mount block (billet) $160
Vacuum bung $34
O-ring Flange plates $350
Billet Open Spacer $150
Billet 4 hole Spacer $190
Billet Tapered Spacer $195
Billet 4 hole/open spacer
Billet Fuel rails (per pair fitted)

**  Note. Price is for most common manifolds (eg Clevelend, SBC 23 deg, BBC 24 deg, LS Chev, Windsor) One off and specialty items are subject to additional labour and material cost as required.

                All manifolds are now only available with billet runners, which are included in the price

One peice  billet flange and runner are also available, please call to discuss your requirements